Big Ideas

I read a recent article from ‘The Teaching Professor’ rethinking – and rebalancing – the nexus of teaching and learning. In an critique of this duality, the article’s author Maryellen Weimer posits, “I’m after big changes here—a broader and more complex understanding of learning followed by the recognition that we need to devote less effortContinue reading “Big Ideas”


But, we’ve come so far!

Over the first two weeks of this semester, I had several engaging conversations with my colleagues about yet another semester of pandemic teaching, and the longing for a return to normal. Certainly, this is a view many people share – in and out of our university and community – and with good spirit. We areContinue reading “But, we’ve come so far!”

Find Your Tribe

I regularly read the “Teaching” newsletter published through the Chronicle of Higher Education which last week included a discussion on building a teaching community. The advice is sage; we, as faculty, should make an effort to find our tribe – so to speak – of faculty within our departs, our universities, and in our disciplinesContinue reading “Find Your Tribe”

Bread, Rubik’s Cube, and Intellectual Humility

I started baking bread about 3 years ago. I have always loved bread but baking it myself was something that proved to be elusive. Then life gave me a serious set of twists and turns, and I decided that, to focus my mind and my spirit, I would give it a solid try. My birthdayContinue reading “Bread, Rubik’s Cube, and Intellectual Humility”

Moving Forward: Teaching Philosophies in a Post-COVID Era

“Looking at the past must only be a means of understanding more clearly what and who you are – so you can more wisely build the future” – Paulo Freire Across higher education as well as my own institution, the question of what college will look like “post-COVID” is front and center. Any week theContinue reading “Moving Forward: Teaching Philosophies in a Post-COVID Era”

Learning to be.

I was sitting at my computer early this morning taking a moment to make my “to-do” list for the day. I am not a “list” person; some days I forget to begin a list until I have already completed 3 or 4 activities that need crossing-off! The first item on my list everyday needs toContinue reading “Learning to be.”

Reading List

When I am starting a new project, I fully take on the stereotypical academic practice of latching on to books and articles and any reliable relevant source of information about that subject. And again, guilty as charged. Actually, I have been amassing books and articles on faculty development, the scholarship of teaching and learning, innovativeContinue reading “Reading List”

Developing Faculty

In my application letter to be the next director of the Faculty Development and Innovation Center at Eastern Illinois University, I stated that I am just as interested in faculty development as I am in developing faculty. Acknowledging the impact that a global pandemic has taken on faculty, staff, and students, I knew that IContinue reading “Developing Faculty”